NanOilCo's primary product is the static mixer known as the MX;  a fluid processing tool for industry usage in both fine mixing of products and effluent handling.

It is the keystone of a grouping of technologies which encompass the company's overarching philosophy:

● The MX and AE have been in use for over 15 years in over 3200 institutional and industrial sites in Japan, where they continuously "in-line" micron-mix products on an industrial scale. As a mature, patented custom built product ready for export to the rest of the world, it is a  unit that can be leased to end users in the Oil, Mining or industry right now.

● The MX reduces chemical usage by 20-30% proven by many tests. It also reduces time to contact by 20-30% (full mixing), this lowers the energy requirement of a process flow and results in increased profits for the operator.

 NanOilCo will take this  technology and use it to advantage in the Oil and mining industries; providing a method of injecting surfactants, polymers (EOR) or Microbes (MEOR) that result in increased yield from oil and mining fields that deploy water-flood techniques. The use of this technology increases flow and pressure rates down hole for increased yield on the throughput.

● This technology can be used in optimization of  polymer injection, acids and gases such as CO2 for the mining industry (ISR)

Our business model includes complete solutions from resource recovery to site remediation through custom design and leasing of appropriate units.

We are also desirous of taking an active part,  through cost and profit participation, in independently owned  fields by providing  enhancement tools which result in net increases of asset extraction.

NanOilCo is laboratory and pilot testing its mixing technologies and ancillary products for the Oil, Gas and Mining industries:

  1. Extraction enhancement through MX technology injection of admixtures such as custom designed polymers and surfactants.

  2. Modification: Use of formulated microbes which can alter the quality of the oil to the operatorís specification.

  3. Remediation: oil spills and environmental remediation through the use of MX,  microbes and aeration technologies.

  4. Proprietary microbes: for enhanced oil recovery through our micro-biologist Arturo Cowes.

Test results (pdf) for in line flocculation done in Oklahoma are now available which show a substantial decrease in polymer usage and settling time.

NEW test shows superior CO2 and Oxygen Injectivity  for Applications in the Uranium  and mineral mining industries

Enhanced Oil Recovery and ISR are the first Applications which will deploy NanOilCo's arsenal of tools to assist in the area of extraction, handling and remediation within the oil, mining and biofuel industries.

:: Liquid to liquid :: Gas to liquid :: Solid to liquid
  • Mix 3% Oil and Water
  • Homogenize emulsions
  • Disperse flocculants
  • Mix coagulation agents
  • Ultra-fine breakdown of molecular clusters (to 0.05 micron)
  • Instantaneous liquid pH neutralization
  • Dissolution of O2, O3, N2, CO2 into liquids
  • Breakdown of sludge with ozone
  • Add surfactant properties to water
  • Neutralization of concrete effluents with CO2
  • Flotation of sludge in activated sludge treatment without flocculant
  • Instantly disperse powdered flocculant into wastewater
  • Precipitate suspended solids to clarify water
  • Enhance action of powdered catalyzing agent in contaminated water